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Mechanical Repairs

Here at Wirral Car Repairs, we understand how frustrating it can be when there's a fault with your car, which is why we offer a number of car repairs near you to help keep you on the road. If you think there might be a problem with your vehicle, we offer a free car check to diagnose the problem and advise on the best course of action. Whether a light has come on on your dashboard, your engine is making an unusual sound, or your car just isn't driving quite right our technicians will diagnose the problem before it escalates.
From engine servicing to repairing the steering and suspension - we can carry out a number of different mechanical and electrical repairs to the highest standard, using the latest equipment and high-quality parts - with many parts being delivered the same day.

Just some of the services we offer include:
Engine repairs / replacements
Timing belt / chain replacements
Steering & Suspension
and much more.... call us to enquire today.



You may be wondering what exactly is involved in car diagnostic services. When your mechanic carries out a vehicle diagnostic test, usually they will be checking for any problems with your vehicle using a diagnostic tool. Once the diagnostic software is introduced to your vehicle’s OBD port, a range of problems may be revealed. These can include anything from oil tank issues to transmission and exhaust system issues or engine problems, among others.|
Most modern vehicles will have an onboard computer processor as well as microchips and sensors that work in conjunction with the mechanic’s car diagnostic scanning software to enable identification of any vehicle problems.
Wirral Car Repairs can carry out diagnostic services in Wirral for all makes and models of vehicle.
Car Diagnostics are incredibly beneficial in a variety of ways. Simply put, they enable the easy identification of vehicle malfunctions so that the mechanic can repair them more quickly.
When something goes wrong in your vehicle, a fault code will be recorded in the vehicle’s computer memory. The mechanic can then identify the issue via its corresponding code, everything from faulty windscreen wipers to more serious problems like suspension issues. This accurate and fast diagnosis will ultimately save you time and money, especially since you can have minor issues rectified before they become more expensive.


Vehicle Servicing

Servicing and regular maintenance is a key aspect of vehicle ownership, which is why we offer two different types of servicing that have been designed to cater to all needs and budgets: Manufacturer and Value.
Regardless of the service you choose, they will always be completed by a fully qualified technician using either genuine or after-market parts. In addition, each service includes a complimentary Vehicle Health Check, so that you're fully aware of any required or upcoming maintenance.
With state-of-the-art workshops and skilled technicians accommodating all of your vehicle's servicing needs, there's no better place to book a service than Wirral Car Repairs.

Servicing your car isn't a legal requirement like an MOT. However, there are many financial and safety benefits to having it done.
If you want to maintain your car's value and increase its lifespan on the road, it's highly recommended that you service it regularly. Here are some of other reasons why you should get your car serviced:
1. Reduction of engine wear as a result of a regular oil and oil filter changes.
2. Helps to improve the car's fuel economy.
3. Maintains the standards of the vehicle's brakes and tyres.
4. Lowers the chance of a breakdown.
5. Maintains the car's safety level.
6. Resale value increases when sold with a full service history.
You can pay using Payment Assist, an interest-free monthly payment option


How does it work?

Unexpected bills for repairs on your vehicle can be a worrying and daunting prospect.
At Wirral Car Repairs we understand this and have teamed with Payment Assist to offer our customers a solution. Once your vehicle is examined and a cost of repairs given to you, you may decide that you want to spread the cost instead of a large lump sum, and request to use Payment Assist. This can even be done from the comfort of your own home without having to re-visit us to fill any paperwork, everything is done online.

So, how does it work?

1. You have an unexpected bill for £400.
2. You pay an initial £100 as a deposit to Payment Assist to take out the finance plan and Payment Assist pay the invoice in full to us.
3. You then pay a further £100 for the next 3 months and then it's all done, simple!

No fees, no interest... It really is that simple!

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